Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Scottish independence: Great news for Tories

Slick persuasive Alex Salmond may succeed.  Old-fashioned Scottish nationalism is insufficient to attain a positive vote for independence, but the continuing shambolic and incompetent behaviour of the British government is making Salmond's goal easily achievable.  The array of inadequate ministers of state, the sequence of laughable about-turns in policy, the exposure of the rampant criminality in the banking system and the undiminished perception of utter detachment have weakened severely the integrity of a British government.  A Scottish alternative becomes more appealing each day.

Allegedly, in principle, the Tories oppose Scottish independence.  However, principles are often the cheapest items to buy.  If Scotland became independent then, without all the Labour seats from Scottish constituencies, the Conservative party would be certain to have an endless tenure as the British government. 

An independent Scotland may be right for Scottish people, but it would be hell for the remainder of Britain who would be swiftly downtrodden and shat upon by an unchallenged Conservative majority in parliament.