Monday, 21 April 2014

Cigarette Packet Politics

Taking a break from the latest piss up, the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), has wet-farted some random thoughts on the backs of a couple of fag packets.  It is four years since these twerps had a published manifesto; the last one was quietly deleted after its pro-wealthy contents and proposals violently contradicted UKIP's erroneous claim to represent ordinary people.

The new brief 'manifesto', (here: UKIP Farts), is anodyne and predictable while simultaneously, as is often the case with UKIP utterances, having the ambience of a spoof.  Severe economic illiteracy, obsessive repetition and bizarre connections exhaust the document, all underpinned by shameless lies.

As everyone knows, UKIP has two policies:  Stop immigration and leave the EU.  UKIP's 'manifesto' juxtaposes these two policies with issues that form part of its campaign to win council seats, or, as UKIP repeatedly stresses, "local" services; indeed, the word "local" or its derivatives appears forty-one times in twelve pages.  Whether this weird fusion of European election issues and council election issues is merely an attempt to save time and energy by not producing two manifestos or else is just general crass stupidity is not clear.  

Ignorance and imbecilic obfuscation are the mentors of UKIP's document.  Paul Sykes, the multi-millionaire owner of UKIP, continues to assume the party's target voters are thick and intellectually malleable.